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What is this podcast & site about?

Parenting as a Christian in today’s secular world is hard, and this podcast is here to help nurture parents to use the Word to help raise your kids in a Christ-centric home. We’ll be sharing practical experience of parents and ideas on how to help your kids grasp the Gospel, while always staying focused on God’s Word, Christ death on the cross for parents and kids Sin alike, and the Holy Spirit’s role in our children’s faith… welcome to The Parental Office.

What is “The Parental Office” refer to?

The term “The Parental Office” came from Martin Luther’s Large Catechism -> The Ten Commandments -> Paragraph 167-169. It speaks to the Doctrine of Vocation in Lutheran Theology; in this case, with regards to parenting and earthly authority.

“[169] Therefore do not imagine that the parental office is a matter of your pleasure and whim. It is a strict commandment and injunction of God, who holds you accountable for it.”

(The Book of Concord the confessions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. 1959 (T. G. Tappert, Ed.) (388). Philadelphia: Mühlenberg Press.)

“[167] In addition, it would be well to preach to the parents also, and to those who bear their office.”

“[169] Therefore, do not think that this matter is left to your pleasure and arbitrary will.  This is God’s strict command and order, to whom also you must give account for it [1 Peter 4:5].”

(Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions. 2005, 2006 (Paul T. McCain, Gen. Ed.) (377-378). St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House.)

We are sinners, we know it, & you should to

Neither Joshua or Brian are Pastors or formally trained theologians. However, we are theologians in the sense of being among the fellowship of all believers. We strive, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to study, mark, & learn from Scriptures. But…

We are also sinners, just like all of you, so we’re going to make a lot of mistakes. We are going to misspeak and sound like a heretics at times. We are going to fail to accurately communicate positions that we hold. We are going to go too far in defending or promoting a position. We know we’re going to do these because we are sinners and do these things in everyday life.

We hope you will be patient with and correct us as needed. The idea is for us as parents to all walk together to better know God’s will for us through a better understanding of his Word & Christ’s life & death for us.