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Need Honest Feedback From Our Listeners/Readers!

by Joshua McNary on June 4, 2012

We need some honest feedback from our listeners and readers.  We ask you to take a few minutes to review this post and then leave a comment at the end of it or email us at The Parental Office has been around now for about a year.  We have created 14 podcasts, dozens of text articles, and […]


Family Vocations Discussion on Issues, Etc.

by Brian Yamabe on May 23, 2012

Issues, Etc. had the authors of “Family Vocation” on for a four part series discussing the book.   Family Vocations: Vocation and Family, 4/16/2012   Family Vocations: Marriage, 4/23/2012   Family Vocations: Parenthood, 4/30/2012   Family Vocations: Childhood, 5/8/2012


Some of the The Parental Office audience probably do not care about a confessional Lutheran conference held in the dead of winter in suburban Chicago, but I know at least a few who do. Therefore, I decided to writeup a “review” of the enriching event which my lovely wife and I attended this weekend. About […]


Foundational, Frustrated, Busy, or Sponge

by Brian Yamabe on February 3, 2012

Dr. John Oberdeck has an article in The Lutheran Witness entitled “Designing the Ultimate Stroller“. In it he talks about many of the issues we discuss here regarding the responsibility of parents to educate their children. He identifies four types of families: There are families that care a great deal about their children’s spiritual growth, […]


Episode #11: Money, Stuff, and the Christian Family

by Brian Yamabe on December 22, 2011

In this episode, Josh and I talk about how we teach and live out Christian stewardship in our families. We recognize that the topic can focus too much on “do this, don’t do that” but as always we work toward focusing on Christ and His work that allows us to be Christian stewards. Scripture: Genesis […]


“My First Hymnal” Book Released (with Video Promo)

Post image for “My First Hymnal” Book Released (with Video Promo)

by Joshua McNary on November 2, 2011

Echoing the topic of podcast #6 titled “Using Music and Hymns to Enrich Christian Kids and Why”, one of our favorite book producers, Concordia Publishing House, has released “My First Hymnal” edited by David A. Johnson. The description and promo video note the book includes hymns, but also the Creeds, prayers, Psalms, and explanations regarding […]


Learning about Reformation Day with the Kids

by Joshua McNary on October 29, 2011

My wife had some good ideas to celebrate “Reformation Day” this year with our children.  We want our kids to understand this historic event, and more importantly, how the Reformation refocused the Church on Christ-crucified for us sinners. Listeners to The Parental Office podcast will know my children are still young (3, 1, 1) so an academic […]


Back in episode #4 Brian & I discussed “Choosing Schools and Teachers to Help You Pass on the Faith”.  A good chunk of the show centered around homeschooling, as it is an option my wife and I are considering for our now young boys (3, 1 & 1 year old).  Last week, we got some feedback in […]


Children’s Sermons

by Brian Yamabe on October 1, 2011

Children’s sermons are not unusual and I would guess that most readers have heard one. I recently came across a post on First Things about what makes a good children’s sermon. This pastor talks about how it should not be an object lesson, but a proclamation of the gospel. For this, I can applaud a […]


A Bad Way to Bring Up Women’s Ordination

by Brian Yamabe on September 7, 2011

Josh and I talk a lot about being sinners on the podcast, but sometimes I forget that it’s not just a label it’s who I am and what I do. A little while back I committed a whopper in more ways than one and since it had to do with family devotion with the girls I […]