Some of the The Parental Office audience probably do not care about a confessional Lutheran conference held in the dead of winter in suburban Chicago, but I know at least a few who do. Therefore, I decided to writeup a “review” of the enriching event which my lovely wife and I attended this weekend. About […]


“My First Hymnal” Book Released (with Video Promo)

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by Joshua McNary on November 2, 2011

Echoing the topic of podcast #6 titled “Using Music and Hymns to Enrich Christian Kids and Why”, one of our favorite book producers, Concordia Publishing House, has released “My First Hymnal” edited by David A. Johnson. The description and promo video note the book includes hymns, but also the Creeds, prayers, Psalms, and explanations regarding […]


The folks over at Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM) and their Men’s Network have released a new DVD Bible study series called “Fatherhood” hosted by Joel Biermann, faculty at Concordia Seminary – St. Louis.  Here is a quick summary from their page: “Fatherhood is more than providing half the genetic material at conception; it’s being there for […]

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