Josh and I begin our discussion of the book, “Family Vocation.” We talk about the first section of the book which deals with marriage and specifically the office of husband, the office of wife, sex, and the crosses in marriage. Interview with the Authors Family Vocations, Part 1 – Deaconess Mary Moerbe and Dr. Gene […]


In this episode Josh and I talk about the importance of having a Christian mom and dad when trying to raise Christian children. Josh tells his story about he imagined bringing up his children which was intentional and well thought out, and I tell mine which would have to be described as “magical thinking” (I […]


Episode #12: The Vocation of Father

by Brian Yamabe on January 29, 2012

Josh and I talk about the how God, the perfect father, has called us to be fathers to our children. We talk about how about how Scripture teaches us what our responsibilities are and most importantly how Christ’s sacrificial death for us covers our sins as we live in our vocations as fathers. Scripture: Ephesians […]


In this episode, Josh and I talk about Santa can overshadow Christ during the holiday season. We discuss ideas for focusing our families’ attention on Christ by talking about Advent and the origin of “Santa Claus”. We also talk about how even some wholesome family traditions can inadvertently overshadow Christ’s incarnation. Links The Origin of […]


Episode #9: A Christ-Centric Thanksgiving for Your Kids

by Brian Yamabe on November 10, 2011

In this episode Josh and I delve into multiple aspects of Thanksgiving. We talk about how our families celebrate Thanksgiving and some of the interesting tensions that arise because of the differing views on faith and God. We then talk a little about the history and Christian roots of Thanksgiving (Were the Pilgrims practicing Open […]


Episode #8: Trick or Treat in the Christian Home

by Brian Yamabe on October 26, 2011

Josh and I talk about how we handle Halloween with our kids. I talk about how I failed by not doing a good job of deeply considering the ramifications and Josh talks about some good approaches for talking about Halloween and what we should be concerned about. Web Resources Wikipedia article on Halloween and Christian […]


Josh and I talk about how to introduce the concept of sin to our children. I take us a little off track with excursions into individualism and relativism but Josh gets us back on topic by talking about our own sinfulness. Scripture Psalm 51:5 – Behold,I was brought forth in iniquity,   and in sin did […]


In this episode we talk with Dan Engle of the blog Necessary Roughness and the Time Out podcast. Dan is the father of twin daughters so we discuss with him how he uses hymns to teach and form their faith. Concordia Publishing House A selection of CDs from CPH. Scripture Colossians 3:16-17 Let the word […]


In this episode we talk about some of the things we’ve tried and mistakes we’ve made in trying to help our children hold it together in the divine service. Issues, Etc. – Children & Worship – Cantor Phillip Magness Helping Children in Church Robbie Castleman “Parenting in the Pew” Scripture Matthew 19:13-15 – […]


In this episode we talk about our considerations and thought processes with regard to picking a school for our kids. We factor in cost, need, ability to homeschool, and of course our reliance on Christ in making these important decisions. Christ-Centered Parenting Series Here’s a link to the series on Issues, Etc. CPH Homeschooling Resource Homeschooling […]