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Learning about Reformation Day with the Kids

My wife had some good ideas to celebrate “Reformation Day” this year with our children. We want our kids to understand this historic event, and more importantly, how the Reformation refocused the Church on Christ-crucified for us sinners.

Listeners to The Parental Office podcast will know my children are still young (3, 1, 1) so an academic discussion of the Reformation was not the plan. Instead, we made it fun and educational for the kids via some crafts and reenactment. My wife did a writeup on her blog (LWML Hope Circle) discussing the day and our activities:

For the first time this year, we celebrated Reformation Day in our home. We discussed a few talking points with the kids (keep in mind all children in my house are under three, but good reminders for us all):

  • The 95 Theses was a document Martin Luther posted reminding the Catholic Church of the important words of God – that salvation comes by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.
  • This act began the Reformation Movement.
  • The liturgical color for Reformation Day is red. This represents the Holy Spirit and the power of the Holy Spirit that came to Martin Luther to teach him the gospel.
  • That same Holy Spirit comes to us today to teach us and strengthen our faith God.

To celebrate we kept it simple. We colored pictures of Luther’s Rose, the boys dressed like monks, and they “nailed” their pictures to the door. They had fun and it was a great chance to talk with them about this special day in the Church year.

We had a lot of fun teaching the kids about the Reformation today and, if our oldest’s going around saying “Happy Reformation Day” to everyone he saw (including the dog!) was any indication, the kids seemed to gain from it as well.

With faith, even through simple teaching in the home, the Holy Spirit does its work. Next time a Church festival is upon you and your family, consider and pray about how you can help the kids interpret it and properly understand the day’s greater relation to the Bible and Christ’s actions for us.

Happy Reformation Day!

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