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“My First Hymnal” Book Released (with Video Promo)

Post image for “My First Hymnal” Book Released (with Video Promo)Echoing the topic of podcast #6 titled “Using Music and Hymns to Enrich Christian Kids and Why”, one of our favorite book producers, Concordia Publishing House, has released “My First Hymnal”edited by David A. Johnson.

The description and promo video note the book includes hymns, but also the Creeds, prayers, Psalms, and explanations regarding the Church year, etc. I have not see it in person (be happy to review it on the site CPH!), but this book looks approachable to youngins while also being more substantive than many of the dumbed down “Christian” songbooks lacking in Christ-centric messages. For instance, in the excerpt (PDF) provided on CPH’s website, the introduction includes:

“Jesus comes into the flesh to serve us. On the cross He offered Himself to be our sacrifice for the sins of the world. Through His perfect life, ministry, death, and resurrection, Jesus gives to His children grace, mercy, forgiveness, and eternal life.”

You can view an except (PDF) of the book, checkout the promo video (also below), or order the book. Hopefully this will be a gift we can get for my kids for the Holidays or otherwise to help teach the Gospel through the use of hymnody.

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