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Need Honest Feedback From Our Listeners/Readers!

We need some honest feedback from our listeners and readers. We ask you to take a few minutes to review this post and then leave a comment at the end of it or email us at feedback@parentaloffice.com.

The Parental Office has been around now for about a year. We have created 14 podcasts, dozens of text articles, and numerous comment threads. We have heard many positive comments, been given props on various websites, and know we have a (quiet) but loyal group of listeners and readers. However, we do not know what you’d really like from us. Here are some notes/questions we hope you’ll reply in regard to, in the comment are of this post or by emailing us at feedback@parentaloffice.com.

Brian and I started The Parental Office as a way to share our Christ-centric parenting theology, issues, and concerns with each other, but also with the hope of building a community of similar minded parents and learn from them as well. Do you think an emphasize on a online community desirable, needed, or is duplication of other online (or otherwise) Christ-centric resources already available?
Do you prefer audio or text communications? If you had to choose one of the other, or if we promised to provide more text if we excluded or limited audio, what would be your preference?
If we fell off the face of the earth, would you be able to replace us with another parenting oriented, Christo-centric resource? Are their any other podcasts, site, or support communities which are and not just another Law based Christian ethics site for kids?
We intent to continue to produce great Christ oriented parenting resources at The Parental Office. However, with a bit of your feedback today we’ll be able to help plan for the best use of our time and make sure we are meeting our vocations as parents in our home as well. We will prayerfully consider your feedback and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us in how to best serve our online neighbor, you the fellow Christian parent and their kids, into the future.

In Christ,

Joshua McNary
The Parental Office

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