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New “Fatherhood” Bible Study Available from Lutheran Hour Ministries

Post image for New “Fatherhood” Bible Study Available from Lutheran Hour MinistriesThe folks over at Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM) and their Men’s Network have released a new DVD Bible study series called “Fatherhood” hosted by Joel Biermann, faculty at Concordia Seminary – St. Louis.  Here is a quick summary from their page:

“Fatherhood is more than providing half the genetic material at conception; it’s being there for the long haul. In Fatherhood with Joel Biermann the Concordia Seminary professor and dad relates how being a father is a demanding pursuit with a heavenly goal-raising kids who know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.”

Sounds pretty Christ-centric to me.  I have not watched all of the videos or seen all the printed materials yet, but I’ve used and taken part in LHM’s Men’s Network studies in the past, and they have been good.  They tend to mix “practical” with Scriptural discussion (many good Bible references). The practical sometimes obscures direct talk of Christ (per a quick review, talk of Gospel does not appear until video #3), but the studies do get back to Him and are useful in their own way.  Due to this, I think they may be better for existing Christians over witness. (FYI- In my quick review, videos/studies #3 [Sin/Christ] and #4 [Family devotion/prayer ideas] seem to be the most meaty.)

Dr. Biermann is an accessible speaker who does not come off high in the “ivory towers”, but he knows his stuff (listen to his iTunes U.’s “Christian Doctrine” class [iTunes link] which first introduced me to him & is a good basic systematics overview – for free!)

To checkout this resource you’ll need to sign-up for a free Men’s Network account. Then you can watch, read, and download the materials for free. You can also order a DVD (with comes with the materials). We’ll look into this further and try to share any feedback we have or receive on the use of this study.

Us parents can use all the help we can get in this secular world, fathers maybe more than mothers. With the blessing of the Holy Spirit, we pray this study can help dads (and moms) better understand their vocation as teachers of Christ-crucified to their children.

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